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Out in the  Silence Banner
Out in the Silence Med.Square
Out in the Silence Skyscraper

After creating the new poster, it was time to breathe new life into how this movie would be advertised in a modern era. Using classic ad styles, like the medium square (on the right),

the skyscraper (on the left), and the banner (at the bottom). Once the ads were created, attempting to keep as much visual harmony as possible, it was then time to develop them further. The banners then all got the '.gif' treatment and gained some moving visuals to enhance their eye catching potential, while not being overwhelming. 

Out in the Silence

This movie poster re-cover was a wonderful project to work on. 'Out in the Silence' is a powerful documentary on the life of LGBTQ+ member in a small American town. Redesigning their posters, and ads for modern world (the movie was originally released in 2009). This project was done using Photoshop and InDesign.

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