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Excaliburs Rest

Photoshop, 2021

Brandan Astley

This was an extremely fun, as well as challenging piece to do. The amount of elements, chimera's, splicing, color changes/balancing, were all so daunting, yet I couldn't help pushing this as far as I could possibly go. 

excalibur start.png

The start point of the project, a very scenic and brightly colored view.

The castle is an amalgamation of 3 different castles, the dragon is a chimera of a chameleon and some rendered wings.

The Chameleon itself went through full color alterations, starting point was blue, but the red added a stronger color balance.

excalibur no castle.png
excalibur no shadow.png

All of the images used, changed, edited, etc., are public domain and free use as well!

This was the point where the castle began to come together, next step was to add detail and shadows, as well as setting it properly into the scene

Reaching the final product, lots of color balancing, shadow casting, lighting notes, hand brushing, and masking was used to provide as much of a realistic feel as possible. 

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