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I excel in envisioning and implementing impactful visual concepts, guidelines, and strategies for creative projects, effectively communicating with key stakeholders throughout the process. From ideation to final execution, I take charge and ensure seamless coordination to deliver remarkable outcomes that resonate deeply with my clients.
My ultimate focus is on achieving excellence in both the visual impact and financial viability of our projects. By surpassing client expectations and delivering exceptional results, I strive to establish strong communication and trust. Moreover, I actively drive sustainable growth by making informed decisions and cultivating long-term relationships. This approach ensures that projects thrive both aesthetically and economically, while fostering a strong foundation for ongoing success.

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My Story

I am a Seattle native, and an art enthusiast. I have been drawing, painting, and designing from a very young age. My grandfather ( a professional painter), taught me his ways and about art since I was about 2-3 years old. I am 27 years old, and I am ready to show the world my designs, and begin making new ones for the world to enjoy. 

I have always had a passion to create, design, and help others. If I can design, or create things that help provide other people a better life, or even an easier one, I am as happy as can be. 

I grew up watching my grandfather paint beautiful pieces of art, from dragons, to phoenixes, to nature, and the human form. I will always remember the awe and amazement I felt at that age. I hope to provide the same sense of wonder and excitement to others. 

Industrial Design

To See my work in the Product Design field, and more renders outside of the graphic design area, check it out here


Personal Projects

Character Design

Below are a few passion projects, these stem from the table top role playing game (ttrpg) called Pathfinder. I ran a campaign and these were some custom magical items I made for each of my players. Each one is built around each character they made, their aesthetic, and tied in with the story I crafted myself. From the look, to the abilities each was designed around each characters class, and identity.


Here is some work I did in InDesign, on a research endevor about the art style Futurism. see more

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