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A Closer Look at Futurism

Much of my work involves using InDesign for formatting, layouts, and the like. While some use it almost exclusively, with help from Illustrator. Featured here is a Art book that was made in InDesign, and one of the few that was almost exclusively done in the program. 


This was a mock up 'book' that I created based on the art style of Futurism. Futurism was a fascinating art style to delve into and learn more about. The art form is very fluid and different than most styles represented in most media. 

Here I tried to bring in the fun and flowing style of Futurism into the entire project/booklet. 

This is the opening cover to the booklet, using a futurism painting as a background, and a simple overlay that made  the colors pop, while keeping the words visible.



The first two pages is where the continuation of the Futurism theme was incorporated. The multi colored flowing lines around the pages were created to give the similar feel of the art style, while also keeping the design fun and engaging. 


The next two pages continued the flowing art style, while also attempting to not replicate a previous page design. From having a new layout, new lines and colors, and a different example style, each page had its own identity.


The last few pages here, also had the same thoughts in mind, keep each page exciting. Small note that went with this, was that each page title, had a sharing color amoungst the flowing lines. In order to incorporate the elements together, as well as being mindful of the images, and their color pallets as well.

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