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Game Source project

Game Source Project 2022

This was a fun project to work on, it pushed my logo design skills to a new level, made me think about the design of a logo in ways I hadn't before. This is a fake company designed to be centered around the gaming community, but maybe one day it can become a reality.


Game source was an original concept, built around being a Video Game centric reporting company, that delivered factual and objective information. While also having a focus on community involvement and interaction. The company logo took inspiration from E-Sport gaming teams and how they display their team logos. The focus of these renders were to display how stationary, logo identity, and product branding would look like. 

Game Source Main Logo

This is the finished Logo for Game Source

Alternate color styles

These are alternate versions of the logo for display on different backgrounds

Logo pre-design 1

one of the initial design mock ups. initially incorporated the companies 'initials' in the logo.

Logo pre-design 2

A second version of the initial logo mockup. Alternate color variation and a larger typeface balance.

Logo pre-design 3

First inclusion of a color pallet. Initially the color pallet was more earthly tones, red, green and, black.

Final logo variations

These are a representation of how the logo looks at different sizes, as too be displayed on various websites, 'profile pictures', and more. With Black and White versions for each.

The initial logo design process went through many variations. As color pallets changed, and as small design tweaks were made throughout the process, the largest notes were making the snake head a larger center piece, and forgoing the company initial's on the logo. Then landing on a typeface for the company took some time, that fit the imagery of the snake while standing out on its own. Which landed me on Jana Thork Pro. 


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