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'The City of Ember'

This was a project was about breathing new life into a infamous book from my childhood. This was an extremely fun project to work on. The work here was all done through Photoshop and InDesign, and using open-source resources.


The first version of the re-design. In a full mock-up to show both main sides of the new design, sharing all the same typefaces.


The second version of the cover, attempting to bring more visuals to the entity of the story. Bringing more color and a 2/3rds balance to the imagery.

Proj3_final bookcoverv2.jpg

Presented here is the full cover of the first version. The front cover is inspired by where the vast amount of this story takes place, Ember. While the back is too resemble the water way used at the end of the book. Using elements of the story so the imagery has more impact and has cohesion for the reader.

Proj3_final bookcover.jpg

Here is the second version of the cover, using similar techniques from the first design, using notes from the story to bring inspiration for the design. The front kept the idea of being well below the earths surface. As for the back, it drew inspiration from the chest, which had pivotal information for the people of Ember and for the main characters. 

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