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Here are three separate examples centered around branding, brand presence, with a focus on logo design. These were all done via Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

Game Source, an original company idea. This was a branding suite for a company centered around gaming and the world of video games. Inspirations from companies like IGN and Gamerrant. A news and community focused company that is dedicated to gaming news, community interaction, and non-opinion based articles; focusing on objective reporting and facts. 

Helix, another original company idea centered around the automotive sphere this time. This project was focused on the Logo more than the entire brand, as well as being a personally inspired company, that focuses on a new clean energy automotive power source. 

This was a company re-brand project of the infamous Seattle company "Ivars". This project was exciting and covered more of the paper and 'in-person' advertising and branding design. Focusing on the logo, and the companies stationary.

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